Black Moon Lilith: 1

Black Moon Lilith is the second collection of poems in collaboration with Melody. For a complete moon cycle we write every day and then juxtapose our work in a nifty moon zine. The writing can be about anything, the idea is to bridge the gap between diary and poetry all the while working some disciplinary and creative muscles. I'll be posting my poems here daily, starting with today's full moon in Taurus. 

Chani Nicholas describes this moon's relationship with Black Moon Lilith, named after Gaia's daughter. Lilith represents the split from the original mother. Chani writes, "Lilith is seen as the succubus. The evil witch. The hated, lawbreaking, wild and untamable woman."



taurus’ thick roots

wider hips make space


since 1948 not a more swollen moon

since last month a broadening womb


a cluster of acids, ropes, chili paste texture

flavor: it is rage pickling


in a vacuum sealed ball jar behind my heart

I laid on my back


and practiced lengthening exhalations

I read my horoscope on the toilet


my coworker thought I was taking a long shit

next I will ask you


to fuck the lid off

break the seal with spit against a wall


a wall built on my own cement foundation

I planted seeds six months ago


never sturdier

I am ready for hot breath on insulated windows


the moon linked with Neptune: wet, cool,

exploding in my eyes