free silence is a series of poems split into four, chronological volumes spanning from 2014-2018. the poems found in this section of this website are mostly from the fourth and final volume. 

printable, cover-less pdfs of free silence I-III zines can be found in the *zines and collaborations* section of this website (along with some other projects). free silence IV does not have a cover quite yet, but a cover-less pdf of the text can be found by clicking the button below. (note - all of the free silence pdfs are meant to be printed, folded in half, and read that way! if you read them straight from the internet, they will make a lot less sense).

if you would like a copy of a free silence zine with cover art by Adam Grossi mailed to you, please contact me and we'll work out a sliding scale price. 

thank you for reading!