My name is Eva

I'm Aquarius sun, Scorpio moon and Virgo rising. I'm a writer, a trauma-informed yoga instructor, and a paralegal supporting Social Security disability and prison civil rights work in Chicago. 

free silence is a project that initiated while working at Asado Coffee Roasters in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood of Chicago in 2014, shortly after I graduated college. The coffee roaster at the shop hung music sheets on the wall behind the counter to decorate the space. On one of the sheets, in the gaps between notes, were the words, 'Free,' and further down the page, 'Silence.' That sheet of paper was part of my daily life at the beginning of a mighty and tumultuous period that ultimately birthed this project.

free silence is a river of poems split into four, chronological volumes, written from May 2014 to May 2018. In free silence, I write about identity as it expands, explodes and settles down again in relation to adverse childhood experiences and trauma. I explore the experience of being an empath as it stems from the type of abuse I encountered, as well as my non-linear path of healing from it. More broadly, I tinker with family, grief, sexuality and gender, the body, time/age, nature, capitalism, apocalypse, and astrology in my work. 

This website is also home other projects I have contributed to or created including an original translation of the Old English poem, Beowulf, moon zines with my friend Melody Snyder, and other works. 

I have shared my work at Chicago Zine Fest and free silence zines will be available for perusing at the Read/Write Library in Chicago by midsummer 2018.

Thank you for reading. Let's talk, let's share work.